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Thursday, 27 December 2012

How Fabian; the French Fashion Model accepted Islam

Fabian; the French fashion model, is a twenty eight year old sister, whose moment of guidance came while she was mired in a world of fame and temptation... she withdrew in silence... she left this world with all that it contains and left for Afghanistan to work in nursing the wounded Afghani Muslim fighters amid harsh conditions and difficult life!

Fabian says: (but for the grace of Allah and His mercy my life would have been lost in a world where man transcends to become the mere animal whose main concern is the satisfaction of all of his desires and instincts without any values or principles).

Then she tells her story saying: (Since my childhood I dreamt of being a volunteer nurse, working to alleviate the suffering of sick children, days passed and I grew up, and I drew attention with my beauty and grace, everyone, including my family incited me to give up my childhood dream, and to exploit my beauty in a career that will earn me a lot of money, fame and spotlight, and all that any teenager could dream of, and do the impossible to access it.

The path was easy for me - or so it seemed to me – I have quickly known the taste of fame, and was showered with valuable gifts that I have never dreamt of possessing.

But it was with a high price... I had to get rid of my humanity, and the stipulation to success and glamour was to lose my sensitivity and feelings, and to give up the life, with which I was raised, and to lose my intelligence, and not to try to understand anything other than my body movements and the rhythms of music. I also had to be deprived of all delicious food and to live on the chemical vitamins and tonics and stimulants, and above all, to lose my feelings towards people... I do not hate... I do not love... I do not reject anything.

Fashion houses have turned me into just a moving idol whose mission is to tamper with hearts and minds... I have learned to be cold, ruthless, arrogant and void from the inside, nothing but a mannequin wearing cloths, I was like an inanimate object moving and smiling, but it does not feel. And it was not I alone who was prompted to do so, however, the more the model gets rid of her humanity, the more her value increases in this cold world... but if she violates any of the rules of fashion she will expose herself to different kinds of punishments that include both psychological and physical harm!

I traveled the world modeling the latest fashion trends in all its arrogance and wanton display of beauty, keeping pace with the wishes of the devil in highlighting the charms of women without shame or decency).

Fabian continues her story saying: (I did not feel the beauty of the dresses over my empty body - but from the air and cruelty - while I was feeling the humiliating and contemptuous looks for me personally, I felt their respect for what I was wearing.

I was walking and moving... in all my rhythms there was the word (if) accompanying me... I learned after my conversion to Islam that the word (if) opens the work of the Devil... This was true, we were living in the world of vice in all its dimensions, and damn those who object to it and simply try to satisfy with their work only).

About her sudden transformation from the frivolous life into the more serious one she says: (that was during a trip we had in devastated Beirut, where I saw how people build hotels and houses under the severity of gun fire, and I saw with my own eyes the collapse of a children's hospital in Beirut, I was not alone, but there were with me my colleagues of the idols passing as human beings, as usual they were satisfied with looking indifferently.

I could not cope with their indifference... at that moment, the veneer of fame and glory, and the fake life that I was living in, vanished before my eyes and I rushed towards the remains of the wounded children in an attempt to save those who were still alive.

I did not return to my colleagues back in the hotel where spotlights were waiting for me, and I started my journey to humanity till I reached the path of light which is Islam.

I left Beirut and went to Pakistan, by the Afghani borders I lived the true life, and learned how to be a human being.

It has been eight months since I have been here, I assist in taking care of families suffering from the devastation of war, and I loved life with them, and in return they treated me well.

My belief in Islam as a religion and a constitution of life has increased through living it, and through my life with the Afghani and Pakistani families and their responsible style in their daily lives, and then I began to learn Arabic which is the language of the Quran, and I have made a significant progress.

After my life was going according to the regulations of fashion makers in the world, my life now is going according to the principles of Islam and its spiritualties).

Fabian describes the attitude of international fashion houses towards her after embracing Islam, confirming that she is being put under intense worldly pressure, they have sent offers to triple her monthly income, but she consistently refused... so they sent her expensive gifts so that she may renounce her attitude and revert from Islam...

She goes on: (then they stopped tempting me to come back... and started to tarnish my image in front of the Afghani families, so they disseminated the covers of the magazines which have my earlier pictures while I was working as a model, they hung them in the streets as if they were taking revenge of my repentance, and by this they tried to drive a wedge between me and my new families, but thank Allah they were disappointed).

Fabian looks at her hands and says: (I have never expected that my tender hands that I spent a long time trying to maintain its smoothness, I will expose them to this hard work in the mountains, but this hardship has increased the purity and cleanliness of my hands, and they will have a good reward from Allah the Almighty, God willing).

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